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  • 03 September 2018
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Free read ☆ Kin AUTHOR Shawna Kay Rodenberg 107 Rona Jaffe Award winner and Jean Richie Memorial Fellow Shawna Kay Rodenberg's KIN a memoir of an Appalachia. I had an ARC of this book from NetGalley When you grow up in dysfunction there s stages When you are very young you don t realize not everyone lives like that when you get to school you try to be perfect so no one knows and when you get older you seek out books like this to let you know there are others out there like youKin is a book about generational trauma It s not an overly sad book but it has moments of abuse of children The author does a great job exploring her family history of how she got to where she is I wondered if she had ADHD from some of her behaviors or if that was just boredom from being brilliant in a religiously stifling environment I also thought she had sensory processing issues because of her reactions to foods and textures it was that just her response to trauma This was interesting It was lacking in connection and answers in some parts I found myself scrambling and going back in pages to see if I could figure out what was missing But this was an interesting account of the authors life and family

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Free read ☆ Kin AUTHOR Shawna Kay Rodenberg 107 Ho has lived in the same hills in eastern Kentucky for over three hundred years to Anton Mueller at Bloomsbu. Raymond Carver said he never talked down to his characters because they were his people Rodenberg manages the difficult task of treating her characters with dignity and respect while infusing her narrative with the deepest and best sort of humor I ve been waiting for this book for a long time and hope it gets the recognition it deserves for examining a distinct American culture in a way that Hillbilly Elegy failed to do

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Free read ☆ Kin AUTHOR Shawna Kay Rodenberg 107 N girlhood and a portrait of a misunderstood and often misrepresented people from the daughter of a family w. This is a story of survival the struggle to find oneself and familial abuse throughout the generations Shawna is born in Appalachia but moves to Minnesota when her father takes the family to join a religious cult The Body Shawna is a rebellious child and in constant turmoil with her father who has his own demons The whole family has demons which effect their relationships The story is sometimes difficult to follow as each family members background is reviewed Possibly in the final version the chapters will be clearly designated This was an ARC through NetGalley